Beautiful women and nuru massage

Posted On September - 15 - 2014 Fantasy Massage Star: ,

Nuru massage is very nice kind of physical therapy. In erotic style is wanted in the men’s world. But it is still therapy and before she will start rubbing his body she needs makes some interview with her customer. It is very important to not hurt his body. When she know that all is possible it is time for pleasure connected with sex. But it will not happy too quickly. First girl will take a bath with guy and will give him few kisses. It is kind of foreplay and this man seems to be satisfied. When his cock will be stroked this young woman will be sucking it. But only a little because she doesn’t want to cumming it! Then guy can leave her massage room and won;t back anymore. That is why she is playing with him so slowly. After bath guy and woman change a place. There is a mattress in the room. They are going to play together on it. Girl will use some kind of oil to make their therapy more pleasure.


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