Professional masseur and his gold hands – Alana Luv

Posted On August - 11 - 2015 TS

Maybe you think that this kind of pleasure don;t need special knowledge and abilities. If you think in this way you are in big mistake. Professional masseur should have not only knowledge but gold hands who can make do a lots of pleasure. Presented scene is the best example on it. Alana Luv has heard that this guy can make pleasure for customers. Her friend didn’t want to tell her anything more but recommend to visit this room.

It turned out that hands of this guy are magic. They gave her to heaven and make her pussy quickly. Girl needed not only good erotic massage but to feel cock of this man inside her tiny pussy, too. It was crazy because she has lost her head during all the session. Finally they did it on massage table. She had been sucking his dick so long and with so big passion. Next she agreed for loading it inside her wet pussy.

In my opinion it is really incredible how this guy work with female customers. Many cheaters would like to use some kind of pheromones or other tricks to seduce girl. This masseur is different and he uses only natural method. His skills are awesome.


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